Huta Ostrowiec

In autumn 2003 Celsa Group acquired Huta Ostrowiec - steel plant in Poland with almost 200 years of experience either in rolled or forged stell products manufacturing. more info

The companies that operate under the CELSA GROUP TM brand have become situated among the leading steel producers in Europe.

Be Leaders in providing Solutions for our Clients around Steel

We want to lead our industry, but more specifically, we want to be the leaders in providing solutions that solve related to the market, where the unexpected will always be waiting around the corner. We want to be the provider our clients think of and come to resolve any problem that is directly or indirectly related to steel. We need to move from selling steel to selling steel solutions, keeping this as our epicenter, as steel is our origin, our speciality and our identity.


Chairman & CEO Celsa GroupTM

CELSA Huta Ostrowiec