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Manufacturing Process

We offer you a full range of possibilities in Open Die Forgings- from 0,5 Tons up to 70 Tons through our unique facilities located in Ostrowiec. The main equipment is described below:

Steel Melting Shop

Equipped with the following:

  • Arc Electric Furnace; capacity- 75 Ton, 25 MVA with EBT and a new dust collecting system,
  • Ladle furnace with devices for out-of-furnace treatment,
  • Vacuum degassing system 0,5 Tor and performance 0,8 ppm H2 (since the beginning of 2009-  0,7 ppm H2), O2 < 25 ppm, sulphur content <  0,005%
  • New argon stream covers to prevent from reoxidation and rehydrogenation,
  • New vacuum system,
  • New devices for state-of-the art computer controlled manipulation and operation  of the steel melting process,
  • Vacuum refining and bottom pouring or vacuum top pouring processes

We produce ingots of weight from 3 to 125 tons, which then are transferred  hot  in insulated wagons to the press shop for further treatment.

Press Shop

Our forging equipment includes the following:

  • Four  hydraulic presses: 2000 T, 3200 T, 5000 T (fully revamped in 2008) and 8000 T
  • Forging manipulator for each press
  • TR devices for each press enabling forging of continuous grain flow crankshafts
  • New, efficient, state-of-the-art-heating furnaces controlled by computer


Heat Treatment Shop

  • Over 20 vertical and horizontal furnaces (max. 2.800 mm x 13.000 mm x 2.100 mm)
  • Vertical gas heat treatment up to Ø 2.000 mm x 20.000 mm (one of the longest vertical soaking gas furnace in the world)
  • 4 completes of hardness testing as well as a special device for surface hardness testing.
  • Full range of heat treatment services (normalizing, through and surface hardening, quenching and tempering, annealing, stress relieving, etc.)
  • A set of three, high technology advanced and very accurate, muffle furnace (120 t and 80 t loading) with quenching tanks.

Machining Shop

  • This Shop is equipped with very modern and accurate machines such as:
  • Heavy, medium vertical lathes (L< 2500 mm,   Ø < 6300 mm, M ≤ 63 tons),
  • Medium and heavy milling/ boring machines (3.000 mm x 10.000 mm x 15.000 mm, M ≤ 160 tons),
  • Conventional and CNC final machining (lathes: Ø2.400 x 30.000 mm, M ≤120 tons; drillers: 3.000 x 4.000 x 10.000, M ≤ 160 tons),
  • Medium and heavy drilling machines for deep drilling (Ø150 x 16.000 mm, Ø800 x 16.000 mm,  M ≤ 50 tons),
  • Circular saws and heavy band cutting-off machines (1.800 mm x 1.800 mm, M ≤ 50 tons).

There is also the most modern in the world machining department for continuous grin flow crankshafts machining including:

  • State-of-the-art- CNC final machining centre
  • High tech CNC milling machine
  • Very modern CNC lathe
  • Up-to-date Magnetic Tests stand

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