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Monolithic Crankshafts

Monolithic Crankshafts


We manufacture all the range of continuous grain flow open die forged monolithic crankshafts from the most important licensors in black forging, rough machined and in final machined condition. The forgings are manufactured with TR method, which guarantees obtaining the most demanding mechanical properties. In particular we have long experience with:

Wärtsilä: L46, V46, L46F, V46F, L38, V38, L32, V32, L25, V25, L20
MAN: L58/64, L51/60, V51/60, L48/60, V48/60, L32/44, V32/44, L32/40, V32/40, L52/55, L40/54
L28/33, V28/33, L28/32, L27/38, L23/30, L21/31, L16/24, L20/27, MB430
Caterpillar: 6-9M43, 6-9M43C, 12-18M43, 6-9M32, 12-18M32
Pielstick: PC4V, PC2.5, PC2.6, PACL

Others types to be agreed with the customer.

Steel grades:

(All according to EN, PN, DIN, NFA, BS, ASTM and other depending on customer demand)

  • Quality carbon steel
  • Alloy steel

Steel melting:

  • Vacuum degassing which provides H2 content below 0,7 ppm; O2 below 25 ppm.
  • We can cast ingots according to two technologies: bottom and vacuum top pouring. We guarantee great steel purity K4<30 acc. to DIN50602; sulfur content < 0,005%.

Heat Treatment:

20 meters vertical heat treatment furnaces with high accuracy after full overhauling in 2009.

We also have a possibility to perform Heat Treatment process in horizontal furnaces.


Our company has a cut-edge-technology brand new machining plant for 4-stroke crankshafts: the most modern in the world. It includes the following machines:

  • CNC final machining centre
  • High tech CNC milling machine
  • Accurate CNC grinding machine
  • Up-to-date Magnetic Tests stand

Delivery condition:

black forgings or final machined

Non Destructive Testing:

We use the very modern ultrasonic equipment. Visual tests are done with last generation video-endoscope.

We are also able to perform Magnetic Tests in a special and brand new stand, specially designed and prepared for complex tests.

Our staff is very well experienced, regularly trained regarding the innovations which appear in UT and certified according to PN EN473 with level II and III.


We manufacture all the range of built-up crankshafts from the most important licensors in final machined condition. In particular we have long experience with:

MAN: S35, L35, S40, S42, S46, S50, S60, L60, S65, S70, L70, K80
Wärtsila: RTA35, RT-flex35, RTA48T, RT-flex48T, RT-flex50, RTA58T, RT-flex58T, RT-flex60C, RTA68, RT-flex68,

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