All Celsa Huta Ostrowiec employees are responsible for guaranteeing that we accomplish continuous and measurable improvement.

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An environmental aware industry

We are aware of our responsibility towards the surrounding in which we operate. As our production process makes us majors recyclers, we are also particularly committed towards taking care of the environment closest to us and we are aware that this has repercussions on the wellbeing of our employees and their families and that our future growth depends on it.

Waste management and reduction

We are dedicated to being a sustainable manufacturer. We recycle steel and produce it in the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. The technology used in our plant is the most efficient and up-to-date in the entire iron and steel industry , with the lowest rates of waste generated per amount of steel produced.

Emission of CO2

The technology nused in our planta is the most efficient and up-tp-date in the entire ironand steel industry. We run our plants with programmes for reducing emissions of CO2 doing out bit to prevent the greenhouse effect. The action plans undertaken to reduce our CO2 emissions are linked to Energy optimalization of our processes as well as the choice of raw materials with less impact in terms of carbon footprint. Celsa Gruop participates in the Climat Action of the World steel assosciations.

OUR GOAL - ORGANIZATION interdependent

The main goal, set by the owner of our company is ZERO accidents at work of our employees, contractors, drivers receiving our products, and other persons in the Celsa Huta Ostrowiec. To achieve this, we have implemented special programs for health and safety management and engages employees at all levels in efforts to improve safety in the workplace. All our efforts are focused on a single goal, namely the establishment of interdependent safety culture where employees care about each other and work safely there for superiors but for themselves and their loved ones to return safely home.


Leadership Program aims to increase awareness, responsibility and commitment of all employees. People with supervision and top management are involved in efforts to improve safety.

Each leader has a PSAP (Personal Safety Action Plan), including individual preventive actions: OPS - safety observations, participate in the proceedings after the incidents, the timely implementation of measures relating to security and other specific projects. PSAP is periodically monitored.


In line with the goal of ZERO ACCIDENTS we conduct a number of preventive measures. We carry out preventive activities, among others, through:

  • OPS or safety observations, during which the employee receives feedback both positive and negative.

  • Reporting and registration system ProSafety all incidents and their analysis.

  • Preparation of "Lessons of the security" of the incident and familiarizing them with all employees.

  • The achievement of the employee’s Risk Adjustment Card by which he/she has the opportunity to make suggestions to improve.

  • Implementation of the "GEMBA" means the presence at the site of the problem.

  • Safety Walkabout - walking safety performed by the Board and owner of Celsa.

  • Other projects that are engaged employees.


The indicators used to measure occupational health and safety performance include the number of accidents, the time of absence due to sickness, and the frequency of accidents. Celsa has set a corporate level target of achieving zero lost time injuries. This target is a long-term commitment from the company to strengthen a safety culture, and it requires actions from all Celsa companies and employees. The safety performance of the companies is monitored on a monthly basis and the results are reviewed by the Board of Management.

At Celsa Huta Ostrowiec , we are committed to consistently making positive contributions to our surroundings

Minimizing disturbance to the communities in which we operate.

Providing full and fair opportunities for local companies to do business with us and for local people to work for us.

Inspiring community participation at the individual level.

Reaching out

Celsa actively participates in developing Ostrowiec Town and establishes close cooperation with local authorities. Especially when it comes to education and sport.

Once again we started our cooperation with Technical School # 3 in Ostrowiec and this agreement is about organizing study visits, internships at the plant, joint conferences and other educational projects. Thanks to the cooperation plant will be able to count on in the future for a qualified workforce.

We want to benefit from the creativity and energy of young people, so willing to employ them. We invest in young talents and recruit those who have a need to take the initiative, they treat their profession with passion, and identify challenges with a chance of development. That is why we have implemented a student internship program BUILD YOUR FUTURE WITH CELSA "HUTA OSTROWEC" to encourage the development of students and graduates who want to work with us.

We are also a supporter to local sport club KSZO which had been associated with plant for many years.

A lot of our employees are members of Polish Association of Metallurgical Engineers and Technicians. Celsa branch is participating in organizing the celebration of “Hutnik Day“ for many years. It is a scientific seminar connected with the solemn of young steelworkers .

Through the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct, we express the principals, standards and norms that guide the behavior in the exercise of our activity, being also the expectation of ethical behavior for all professional team in our plant.


  • Apply international, national, and local labor laws.

  • Ensure every employee know and have acccess to organizational procedures needed for healthy and secure work environments.

  • Offer equal opportunity employment.

  • Confirm that all our businesses operate in compliance with local employment laws.