Oil & Gas

Celsa Huta Ostrowiec produces parts for many aspects of Oil and Gas industry. Components are used for surface and subsea oil and gas production. Our dedicated team implement different project that are delivered in accordance with industry standards.

Typical steel grades for our Oil & Gas products are ASTM A182 F22, A707, A694 F65 and AISI 4340, 4130, 8630 – and there are many more to choose from.

With its expertise and experience, Celsa Huta Ostrowiec plays a value addition role in manufacturing critical equipment needed in the Oil &Gas sector.

Since 2010 Celsa Forge has successively participated in many offshore projects by supplying forged components for subsea and connection systems a such as:, EGINA, Wheatstone, BC10, Tubular Bells, Pazflor, Gumust, Prelude, Frade, Presalt, Delta House and Appomatox project.

Some of the parts produced include:

  • Blow out preventer blocks

  • Stress joints

  • Flange

  • Wellheads

  • Body valve

  • Master valve blocks

  • Connectors

Oil & Gas products refined to the degree of your choosing: rough, semi, finished or turnkey delivery.