With over 200 years of history of people strongly willing to transform impossible situation into possible ventures, Celsa huta Ostrowiec is now a relevant player in most of the markets where it is active. But starting from the beginning …

1813 - 1915

In 1813 Major Jerzy Dobrzański built a blast furnace which was able to produce 81 tons of forged iron every year. By the year 1915 the production being increased to 77,000 tons and the number of employees had reached 3,600.

1918 - 1939

In 1921 an agreement was signed with the Minister of Railways for the production of 20,000 railway wagons. The Plant was often named the “Plant of Wagons” as it was producing up to 300 of them on a monthly basis.

1950 - 1955

During this period the main production of the Plant was focused on producing such items as artillery shells, steel castings for submarines, and parts for torpedoes. However The Second World War brought financial losses to the Plant accounting 80 % of its assets.

1955 - 1978

The years between 1950 and 1955 defined a period of very dynamic development of the Plant. It began to produce wheels for automotive industry; the main client was the Truck Factory “Star”. It also started to produce modern type of rail wagons named “Talbot”. In 1972 the Press Shop was built and the first 65 tons of ingot was produced in the forge division melt shop.

1972 - 2002

Between the years of 1980-1982 there was both an economic and a social crisis in Poland. By this time the Plant was producing 764,000 tons annually and employed more than 15,000 people. Over the next few years there was a period of intense transformation as the Plant struggled to adjust to the new “free market” conditions. However, in spite of their best efforts on 5th July 2002 the Board had no other option than to apply for bankruptcy.

1 st of October 2003 - Now

On 1st of October 2003 the assets of the Plant were purchased by the Spanish concern CELSA Group. Numerous investments were done in the forge shop such as: modernized and purchased new furnaces for heat treatment, modernized system degassing steel, purchased and installed numeric lathes, modernized press 80 MN, opened a new branch machining crankshafts uniform shaped devices .All these improvements were underpinned by continuing investments in people, training, systems, approvals and accreditations, and especially in safety.

Today, CELSA Huta Ostrowiec is an outstanding facility not only recognized as such in Poland but also in the rest of the World.

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